Silent Suffering

For the record… I write some pretty strange stuff. Some of it is based on reality, much of it is not. Some things are pretty touching and benign. Some things are pretty damn dark. The assumption I take in all my writings is that you, as the reader, understand that they are just a form of art. Sometimes this art can be beautiful, sometimes it can be down right scary. Nevertheless, art it is and should be taken as such.

With that being said, I was listening to KoRn earlier (hell of a way to start a blog post 😀 ) and a couple lines of one of their darker songs (um, they have not dark songs?) got stuck in my head. From there, creative juices started flowing and the following came out. I’m going to be honest, I thought twice about posting this. This poem is some pretty dark stuff! Still, it’s art and sometimes the best thing an artist can do is just put their work out there and let it touch who it will. It’s with that, I let you continue onto the poem…

Silent Suffering

Am I immortal, peel the flesh let’s look and see
What lies beneath that makes me me

Is the anguish intelligent design
Am I randomness running blind

You sit there so righteous looking at me
Dare you not open your eyes and see what I see

I live in pain I cannot express
Torture I take until my last breath

You know me not well, no not well at all
You see not on my stomach I squirm and I crawl

The man in the mirror, is that man me
He is not who I feel like, nor what I can see

Tormented I walk along this dark lonely path
A danger to the present, a victim to the past

I cry out for forgiveness, to have my sin washed away
I live in duality, it is with my sanity I shall pay

You try to comfort and say this too shall pass
I just want to hurt you and knock you on your ass

This rage inside is so strong and so raw
Even my own skin I bite and I claw

My bloody face does not tell the whole tail
I must gain control, one of us must fail

The ultimate sacrifice is one release, one way out
But that leaves eternity cast in a shadow of doubt

Yet I cannot continue living in this torment, this insanity
So I sit here and silently cry as my skin slowly bleeds

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