Opening Your Ears – 21st Century Parenting

Do you “hear” your kids, or are you just listening to reply/correct?

Your little mini-me has a voice. Kids are very smart. The see way more than you think, and they often have viewpoints you may not have considered… Or just chose to ignore.

It’s very hard, I know, but listen to your kids. Give them a voice. Give them the freedom to come to you and share their feelings without fear of consequence. Let them speak and HEAR them.

I don’t do this the best. I fail a lot, but I try. And my kids have helped me a lot as a result. They’ve helped me be a better parent. In return, we have a closer bond and they know they can always come to me about anything, any time.

My kids know I’m not here to be their friend. I’m Dad. That’s what I do. But they know when the chips are down I’ll be the first person by their side.

We can’t parent like the 1900s. What worked for our parents will NOT work for our kids. Evolve. Grow. Adapt. Pay attention!

Our children are facing exponentially more risks and pressures than our generation could have ever imagined. Are you evolving to meet the needs of your children in the 21st century?

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