I’m an ENFP – What Are You?

Have you ever been curious about the general personality type of someone you just met? Do you sometimes sit and ponder the personality of friends, relatives and coworkers? Do you enjoy analyzing generalizations of your personality type just to pick out the inaccuracies? Maybe I’m just strange, but I do enjoy these little mental excursions.

My Personality Type: ENFP

ENFPs are introspective, values-oriented, inspiring, social and extremely expressive. They actively send their thoughts and ideas out into the world as a way to bring attention to what they feel to be important, which often has to do with ethics and current events. ENFPs are natural advocates, attracting people to themselves and their cause with excellent people skills, warmth, energy and positivity. ENFPs are described as creative, resourceful, assertive, spontaneous, life-loving, charismatic, passionate and experimental.

Source: MyPersonality.info

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Well, that’s a pretty good picture painted there, but I have to admit that it’s not entirely accurate. Still, it is pretty close to the reflection I see in the mirror, as it were. I do tend to be very outgoing, energetic and friendly. I have very strong convictions and I am not willing to sacrifice those convictions. I’m a “hand-talker” and I often express myself through music and this blog, so extremely expressive would be accurate. I wouldn’t say my people skills are excellent, but I do tend to get a positive response from people. The more I think about it, yeah, that summary would be pretty accurate.

I thoroughly enjoy getting to know people better. Sometimes, that involves analyzing their personality. Some might call this mental masturbation. Personally, I consider it inquisitiveness. I’ve always been fascinated by sociology and psychology. I enjoy learning about how people think, the motivations that guide them and how they interact with others.

I’d like to take this opportunity to really get to know my visitors better. Why? Well, because I’m curious about who visits this site, why they visit, what attracts them here, what they like and don’t like, what we share in common, what makes us different, how I can better cater this site to those who visit and a whole host of other reasons. If for no other reason, it’s just simply a good time getting to know people.

You have read my two cents. Now have your say!
If you also enjoy learning more about those you interact with, why don’t you join me in the discovery. What is your personality type?
Is your personality truly reflective of how you see your personality?
Have something else on your mind? Don’t be shy. Speak Up! 🙂

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