Consider the Rose

orange-roses-1371380-1280x960Often, we look at roses and admire their beauty. How could something be so gorgeous? But do we consider all that has happened to the rose plant for it to become so beautiful?

First, it had to be buried in shit. Yes, it had to be planted in the rich, fertile ground where it could do it’s growing best. Poor soil will slow the growth. So, there must be a healthy amount of fertilizer in order to stimulate growth.

Second, the rose goes through a gangly stage where it’s life is effectively nothing but thorns. There’s a few leaves to gather moisture from the air. But, the bulk of it’s life at this time is just awkward and thorny. Much pruning takes place during this time to trim off that which serves no real purpose or would otherwise stunt growth.

Third, the rose begins to bud in the appropriate season. Some of this transformation happens early, but doesn’t last. But the budding that is in due season remains and continues to grow.

Finally, the rose unfolds its buds to reveal it’s true beauty. Beauty that has taken time, nurturing, pruning and a sufficient amount of fertilizer. As the rose begins to blossom, we see that it doesn’t always blossom all at once, and we see not all the blossoms are the same. Some are more noticeable than others. Some are hidden behind the more prominent blossoms, but they are still there and are still beautiful.

The rose is an analogy for life. In order to experience true beauty in our lives, we must go through a fair amount of shit. We must be pruned to get rid of the things that are stunting our growth. We need to allow ourselves to bud, but not too soon. And then, when we finally blossom and become the beautiful person we are meant to be, we must not forget that the beauty we hold inside is even more important than what we present to the world.

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